Abe’s Snorkeling and BioBay Tours, Inc.

snorkel and biobay tours on vieques island Travel with the best local guides in the Caribbean as you snorkel beautiful coral reefs, paddle through enchanted mangrove forests, and are amazed by Vieques’ Bioluminescent Bay. Offering eight different eco tours, Abe’s Snorkeling and Biobay Tours, Inc. is the most recommended, diversified, and family-friendly kayak tour company on the island.

In addition to having a DRNA license and being insured, Abe’s Snorkeling and BioBay Tours, Inc. is endorsed by the Puerto Rico Tourism Company and has consistently earned a certificate of excellence by Trip Advisor.

Abe’s Snorkeling and BioBay Tours, Inc. is committed to the preservation of wildlife and eco systems on the island. The friendly guides are environmentally aware and they are excited to share their knowledge with you. They will be next to you at all times to make sure that you have lots of fun, while being safe and comfortable.

In addition to our famous BioBay tours by kayak, we offer tours at Mosquito Pier, Cayo de Afuera, Mangroves, Blue Beach, and Tres Palmitas. We also offer an All-in-One tour, an extreme Beach Hopping tour, and custom tours. Snorkeling boat tours coming soon.

Check out our website and call Abe’s to book your next tour. Look forward to meeting you soon in the beautiful paradise of Vieques!