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Vieques Humane Society Thrift Shop

Vieques Humane Society Thrift Shop is typical of thrift shops in the states where you can find quality second hand goods from A to Z. The best part of shopping here is that you are making a direct donation to benefit the health of animals on Vieques!

When you buy a home on Vieques and have unwanted household items the Vieques Humane Society Thrift shop will accept these items for re sale and to raise money for the Vieques Humane Society.

On Vieques we care about animals and we put our money where our mouth is.

Yerba Buena Health y Mas

Yerba Buena Health y Mas is full of organic products, vitamin supplements, various extracts and if you drink Kombucha this is your Vieques source with three different flavors.

There is a cold storage that along with the Kombucha carries various organic Greek Yogurts, Ginger Beer and other Organic items.

Todo La Casa

Todo La Casa is a  housewares store offering “Everything a House Needs” for final appointing your home or Vieques vacation rental.

Here you can find things to hang on the wall, lamps, barware, picnic utensils, dinner ware, eating utensils, vases, jars, a wide assortment of table linens, place mats, table cloths, throw pillows, appetizer trays, gifts, greeting cards and house plants.

At Todo La Casa you can beautifully appoint your house while shopping locally on Vieques Island, Puerto Rico.


Trade Winds Gift Shop

Trade Winds Gift Shop is located on the Malecon in Esperanza at Trade Winds Guest House and Restaurant.

They pack a big punch in a small area with many clothing items and Vieques island souvenirs.

Sol Creation Vieques Boutique

Sol Creation Boutique

Sol Creation Boutique located inside the Great Room at The W Hotel and Spa as well as a satellite location in Isabel Segunda just off the central town plaza.

Sol Creation Boutique arrived to Vieques with the plan to provide islanders with beachwear and has evolved into a destination shopping experience for locals and travelers alike. Sol Creation Boutique provides New Yorker’s and Island dwellers with entire wardrobes; with everything from a light beach coverup to skinny jeans, specialty tees, cashmere sweaters, handmade silk evening dresses and leather bags to carry it all home in.

The boutique stocks an abundance of locally made jewelry and handmade accessories to match the carefully constructed clothes from conscious designers. Shop in Vieques and have a suitcase of duds that you can wear all over the world.

*Voted best shopping/boutique by Fodor’s

Siddhia Hutchinson Fine Art Gallery

Siddhia Hutchinson Fine Art Gallery features Caribbean inspired artwork including original paintings, sculpture, ceramics, photographs, prints, jewelry and more.

During season the Bravos Boyz enjoy going to the once monthly art openings to see what the artists are producing this year and to see newly discovered artists.

Additionally, the gallery focuses on local charities and has created community building events enjoyed by many that focus on organizations such as The Vieques Humane Society.

The gallery is located in Isabel Segunda on Main Street in renovated The Hotel Carmen.

Open Air Vegetable Market – Placita Reyes

Part of the charm on Vieques is how we piece together what we need for consumption and it is not always the same from one day to the next.

The Vieques open air vegetable market is a group of farmers who come from Puerto Rico on Tuesdays and Wednesdays to sell their fruits and veggies.  Locals and ex Pats as well as restaurant owners line up early to get the best choices.

This is a great place to look for fruits and vegetables to stock your house for the week.

The market is set up on Road 201 just as you turn off of 200 and directly across from Weddings in Vieques.

Supermercado Morales

Supermercado Morales is the largest grocery store on Vieques island and offers many items that you see in a small town market such as peanut butter, chips, bread, milk and the basics.

One important note of interest is that fresh vegetables and dairy products come over from Puerto Rico early in the morning on Wednesdays so you will have a good selection beginning on Wednesday and waning toward the weekend.

You can also purchase beer, wine and liquor as well as sodas and water by the bottle.

Another point of interest is that there are two Morales Supermercados and you can see this is the larger one of the two with the easiest access and parking. See the map for the central location of Road 200.

Vieques Conservation & Historical Trust

The Vieques Conservation & Historical Trust is a non-profit organization founded in 1984 and supported by members of our community and interested donors from around the world.

It operates thanks to the efforts of dedicated volunteers and is strictly non-political in nature.

The organization is concerned with the protection of the unique archeological, physical and ecological environment existing on Vieques.

There is a gift shop with items to suit every taste and friendly people ready to tell you about our island.

Funky Beehive

Funky Beehive is the creation of owner Kara Hansen and is strategically located on the busiest corner of Isabel Segunda on Vieques island. Funky Beehive has something for everyone whether you are visiting or looking for items to furnish your new vacation home.

Kara is always watching for new ideas to compliment her sense of style and always with you in mind.

She offers cool bags for beach attire, flowing island clothing, jewelry that catches the eye hats of all sorts for deflecting the sun and looking cool!

There are many house hold items such as candles, trays, glass ware and there are plenty of ideas for gifts for any reason.

Colmado Mambo – Vieques convenience store

Colmado Mambo is conveniently located for beach goers and a place to stop on the way back to your vacation rental house. Mambo is on Vieques route 997 very near the entrance to Fish and Wildlife refuge and the extraordinary beaches you will be visiting.

Colmado Mambo has everything you might want to take to the beach such as ice for your coolers, cold sodas, juices, beer and liquor. There are sandwich fixings, chips cookies, and other food stuffs.

One of Bravos Boyz favorite Mambo items is the Mambo T Shirt with a symbol of the island and the words Vieques Island on the sleeve making this one of the have to Souvenir items from Vieques!

Buen Provecho – Vieques


Buen Provecho will be one of your best friends while on Vieques if you are cooking at home or just need snack foods for between meal. Buen Provecho offers high quality, organic food and products such as a variety of cheeses, farm fresh eggs, buttermilk, organic meats and fishes, lobsters,oysters in the shell, as well as fresh greens and locally grown organics when available.   Another feature is weekly delivery of John Towne’s fresh breads, bagels and take home pizzas.  They also offer legumes, rice, spices sauces and nuts.

Chef Chris and his wife Beth are the proprietors and can best serve you by emailing or calling them with your wish list of foods at least two weeks prior to your trip.  They will even come to your house and cook meals, drop off meals and/or provision your house so it is there when you arrive no matter what time that is.  Calling or emailing ahead  is particularly important during holidays and high season from Thanksgiving to Easter.

You can tell at Bravos Boyz we are BIG fans of Buen Provecho!